I grew up in Zernez, a little village in the beautiful valley called Engadin in Switzerland. Early on I discovered my interest in all kinds of sports. Until I was 13 years old I was active in icehockey, soccer and cross-country skiing and played a variety of other sports in my free time as well.

From then on I decided to focus solely on cross-country skiing since I was most passionate about that sport and my goal was to later become a professional skier.

First I progressed very fast and achieved top results in my age classes, but suddenly just shortly later things changed abruptly. I started to feel bad and had various difficulties with my health, but the doctor I went to many times during that period to check blood results, didn't seem to find any abnormalities. After almost a whole year of not knowing what was going on and feeling worse and worse, I and my family decided to go straight to the hospital to check out everything regarding my health and only after about 2 hours when my basic blood results came back I got the diagnosis acute lymfatic leukemia (blood cancer). Following the diagnosis that day, I went through a 2 year long chemotherapie. I survived and came out "healthy" and mentally stronger on the other side.



During the whole duration of the chemotherapy, sports and especially cross-country skiing was what kept me on track and thinking positive. First of all because I was in very good physical shape, which helped me massively handling the very agressive chemotherapy, and secondly because it always remaind my goal to get back to racing once I was cured, even when doctors told me that it's not sure that I will get healthy and definitly not sure that I will be able to perform sports on a competitive level again.
I did both, I was cured and I got back to racing again. Just 1.5 years after I finished the chemotherapy I was swiss champion in the category under 20 years as an 18 year old. The year after I got a 10th place at the junior worldchampionships and 2 podiums at the european cup. I followed up with an 11th place at the U23 worldchampionships and in total 15 individual world cup starts.
Still I feel like I never was able to show my full potential, mainly because I had a lot of set backs also after my cancer diagnosis and through my whole career. That's also why I in spring of 2019 decided to end my professional sports career. After many downs I simply lost the motivation to fight back once again and the confidence in my body to being able to tolerate the very high training load required to do so.



Soon after I ended my sports career I started an education in personal training and nutrition. Training, sports in general as a hobby and the physical and health aspect of it, will always be a big part of my life.

From now on and for the years coming I want to try to pass on my passion, knowledge and experience for physical activity and a healthy lifestyle to others. I want to help others live a healthier and happier life, with more energy and healthier habbits. 
That's why I started my own business "CORSIN HÖSLI FITNESS & NUTRITION", where I work together with athletes, business man/women, people with weight issues and more on their training, their nutrition, their mental attitude and how to optimally implement those variables in their everyday life to get the most out of it. 

Simply put, I try to help others to live their life with the life quality they want to live it.